Confession: I Have Debt. Tons of it.


August 1 September 1 Difference
Lawyer Debt $2,002.34 $2,002.34 $0
Fence Debt $5,158.00 $4,941.51 -$216.49
Vet Debt $917.000 $1,496.99 +$579.99
Reno Debt —– $16,596.75
Total Debt $8,077.34 $25,037.59


In an effort to be transparent, here my debt is in all it’s glory. (Well, as of September 1.)

Right now all my debt is on 4 zero percent interest cards. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I won’t be able to pay it all off before interest starts accruing. Luckily, I have until March before the first balance transfer is up and I am hoping to figure out a way to avoid paying interest all together.


The Breakdown

Reno Debt

In December  2016, Mr. Beach Life and I decided that we were going to do a quick, 6 week renovation of our bathroom and kitchen. 10 months later and we are nearly complete! We just need to put the trim in the bathroom in, create a closet/shelves in the bathroom, and have to hire someone to put the backsplash in the kitchen in.

Originally, we put everything on 0% interest credit cards with the intention of getting a HELOC after the renovations were done and paying the credit cards off with the HELOC. Well, as with everything about this renovation, that did not go according to plan. We’ve decided not to take a HELOC out yet, which means I have $16k that I did not anticipate having to repay. I am using the Airbnb money for some of it, but this is coming from my accounts mostly.

The renovation has cost us more than $16k, since I have been making the minimum payments since January. Once it’s finished I will break down exactly what it costs.

Even though it is stressful owing this much money, the increase in our home value should be far more than the $16k, since we (read: Mr. Beach Life) did almost all the work ourselves (himself.)


Lawyer Debt

This is all from the fall out of putting my rental house into a trust. It’s still not settled but there appear to be no more bills forthcoming. When I put this money on the credit card, I still thought the reno debts would be going on a HELOC and that it would not be difficult to pay off.


Vet Debt

Our two puppers are old men and needed to have a lot of dental work done. Luckily my vet has a cap at how much they charge for extracting teeth otherwise the bill would have been 10x that. Unfortunately, we’ve already had to bring Little Bit back to the vet (to find out that he is a supremely health, albeit ugly, 13 year old dog, for the price of $280.) They’ll need their shots next month as well, so that will add even more.

It’s hard to spend so much money on old dogs. Everything we spend is to improve their quality of life, though, not to extend a crummy life. I can not tell you what joy these dogs bring me every day-even when they wake me up at 3am to go to the bathroom. Every time Sonny sees me his butt starts a wagging, and every day when I get home from work he jumps on me and smothers me in kisses.


Fence Debt

This is what it cost to fence in our front yard, to remove bushes that were in the way of the fence, and to remove a concrete slab in our front yard that was causing damage to the house. It sucks that it came  at a time when I am already spread thin, but it was necessary.


I had been counting on transferring some of the fence debt to a 0% offer on a credit card I already had, but since my credit has taken a huge dip because of the high balances they rescinded the offer. This month I had $1,800 at 9.90% that will be paid off during the 1st week of October. I hate that I will pay interest, but didn’t feel comfortable taking the money out of my savings account since I want to keep an emergency buffer. I may change my tune on this in the future, however.


So, there my debt is in all it’s ugly glory. My stretch goal is to get it down to $17,000 by March. In the meantime, I’ve been mystery shopping like a pro. Additionally, I have applied to some independent contractor work from home positions. The pay isn’t super great, but the flexibility to work when I have the time makes up for it. I have a few posts written and want to get back to posting regularly, but hustling for extra money and DIY-ing to save money have been taking up my time lately.

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  1. mrspickypincher

    Sorry to hear about the debt, but love that you’re making strides to get it out of the way ASAP! We still have about $45k in debt (not including our mortgage) on Mr. Picky Pincher’s loans, but we’re paying that shiz down as fast as possible. 🙂

    • Jax-This post may contain affiliate links

      Yeah, this $25k doesn’t include our mortgage either. I am taking advantage of full principal payments before any interest kicks in (hopefully that will be none!)

  2. Chris

    I’m saddened to hear about all the debt, but I’m encouraged to read that you don’t like it, nor will you just let it pile up.
    You can do it! Keep paying it down, and you’ve heard me say it before, but please don’t take out any more debt. IMO it’s just not worth it.
    Debt is a burden and can be disheartening, but don’t give up, and keep plugging away. I love the hustle and the DIY attitudes. I hope this doesn’t sound condescending in any way. I’m trying to encourage you to keep going and get rid of the debt. You got this!!

    • Jax-This post may contain affiliate links

      I love all the encouragement and will take all you offer!

      Any one of my debts would be manageable, but unfortunately right now they just aren’t manageable. I’m glad I am not spending on flashy, consumer, throw away junk. Even though the renovation debt is not strictly a need, it would have been fine if the other things didn’t pop up.

      Right now I am just plugging away and paying off a dollar at a time. Hopefully it will all be gone soon!

  3. Sylvia

    You got this! I think it’s one thing to have debt, but it’s another thing to not have a plan re: how to tackle said debt. You’re smart and savvy… plus, you’ve got two fur-babies who are happier for it ^.^

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