End of Month Spending Diary

This past week (fortnight?) saw a lot of irregular expenses.

I am trying to scale back on mystery shopping because it has become time consuming. I don’t want to give it up altogether, but I do want to devote more time to writing and hanging out with my dogs instead of constantly shopping and writing reports.

I’ll still take the highly lucrative shops. I had one such shop two Saturdays ago. It required driving about an hour away, but paid $65 for it ($50 for the shop and then I negotiated $15 for gas/distance pay.) While I was out that way I picked up a couple more shops. I ate inside one restaurant and took home half my meal. The second restaurant shop I ordered two entrees, which I was able to stretch into 3 meals total. It was really great going into the week with some meals already taken care of!

Then I ate three additional meals out. One with Mr. Beach Life using a Groupon I got free through Swagbucks. Another meal was with an old friend. We haven’t really hung out in a couple of years and even though we see each other around town randomly, we haven’t gotten together. We sat in the restaurant for three hours catching up and it was wonderful. Even though I didn’t have the $24 in my budget, I am sure glad I went. We decided next time to do something cheaper 🙂 The last was a bar with Mr. Beach Life. We each ordered a flight of beers and shared chips and queso.

The majority of my spending is on Amazon FBA products. Like I said above, I want to transition out of mystery shopping. I owe a proper update but I am doing well enough with FBA that I am going to continue buying products when I find good deals.


Saturday 1/20

$51. 34- FBA purchases

$24.27- Restaurant mystery shop, will be fully reimbursed

$13- grocery mystery shop, $12.75 will be reimbursed

31.18- Restaurant mystery shop, will be fully reimbursed

12.14- Dinner out-used a groupon.



$15.33- grocery mystery shop, will be fully reimbursed

$19.67- grocery mystery shop, will be fully reimbursed

$68.36- FBA products

$24.24- Dinner out with an old friend



$17.86- Grocery mystery shop, $14 will be reimbursed



$64.17- FBA



$87.37- gas bill for the old house

$22.73- gas station mystery shop, $22 will be reimbursed

$42.53- restaurant take out shop, $35 will be reimbursed

$186.18- FBA

$108.66- FBA






$12.27- mystery shop, will be fully reimbursed

$2.05- Cup of coffee at work

$74.44- FBA


Saturday 1/27



Sunday 1/28

$186.18- FBA

$23 Bar (two flights of beers and an appetizer)

$5.59- groceries

$21.26- Lowes for needed house things. I mostly used a gift card, but this was the remainder

$13.90- yoga pants from TJ Maxx. I take 4-5 classes a week, only have one pair of yoga pants and do laundry every 7-10 days. I need more pants in my rotation.



$18.43- grocery mystery shop. Will be reimbursed $14



$48.77- FBA





And that brings us to a new month!





FBA Products: $649.49

Reimbursements expected: $188.20


Considering so much of what I spent was on FBA, I feel like I did a decent job these past two weeks.


The must have purchases for the house are starting to taper down. I bought a mop and bucket and cleaned all my floors last weekend. The house looked wonderful…until the next evening, after the dogs had a chance to track a bunch of junk in. I really, really, really want a Roomba but can’t justify spending the money on one..yet. I’m trying to scheme a way to get one but I think the soonest I can will be March.


The other thing I want a good coffee pot. I have a Keurig that my Godmother bought me a few years ago. The Keurig has its place in my life, but it isn’t great for daily use. The k-pods are expensive, the coffee isn’t as strong as I like and I need to limit myself to two cups daily because of the expense. I want a fairly decent one, probably around $50, but first I am waiting for a Goodwill mystery shop to show up. If I can’t get one soon, I will still look at GW because I probably won’t have funds for one until at least March, if not later.

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