How to Find Phone and Web Mystery Shops

How to Find Phone and Web Mystery Shops

So far this year, I have completed 413 mystery shops. For those who don’t want to do the math, that averages to more than one per day. That is A LOT. Luckily, most of them I didn’t have to put pants on for, or even leave my house. I do as many phone and web shops as I can find.

With the exception of one, I won’t be telling you how to find companies that offer phone or online mystery shops. But I will teach you some tricks to find them yourself, if you’re willing to put a little time into it. Phone/web shops comprise a big portion of my mystery shopping income and while I want to help everyone increase their side hustle income, I don’t want a ton of competition. #sorrynotsorry



One company that consistently offers phone and web shops is Bestmark. If you read other bloggers that mystery shop, you’ve probably heard of them before. I will tell you why-they are about the only mystery shop company that offers a referral bonus with a signup link, instead of requiring the shopper to input potential referral’s email addresses. That means if you sign up with my link and complete a shop, I get a $10 bonus.

Lest you think I am only mentioning this shop for the bonus, let me add that I don’t believe web/phone shops count for the bonus.

The downside for Bestmark’s web and phone shops is that you can only do one of each per day, and they aren’t offered on weekends. They typically will only let you do them for places within 100 miles of your location. You’re definitely limited with how much you can make, but I will say that since I discovered Bestmark, I have done enough shops to get a check from them every two weeks. Yeah, sometimes it’s only for $3. But I didn’t have to drive anywhere and I didn’t have to buy anything to get it!


Step 1:

To find mystery shops you can do at home you first need to sign up with every mystery shopping company you can find. The more companies you register with, the more potential shops you can find. I recommend using the official list of companies over at the Mystery Shop Forum. Even if the company doesn’t have any shops you can complete right now, they might in the future. You just never know when companies are going to land new contracts.

Mystery shop companies typically use one of two platforms: Sassie or Shopmetrics. There are other platforms, but I am going to focus on these two.



This is what a Sassie platform looks like (minus some identifying details. Click on all images to make them larger.)

To begin, start by clicking on “Job Board”

The job board  might tell you there aren’t any jobs available near you. But that only means there aren’t any jobs to physically go to. It doesn’t include phone shops that can be done from anywhere.

To find the phone shops first locate the the additional filters link.

Choose “Phone” and for the distance choose 999 miles from your home, the farthest they’ll let you look.

Here is what the results may look like. (I’ve blocked out some identifying information since I don’t want to get in trouble with the company.)

As you can see, phone shops are not necessarily lucrative. The ones I’ve done typically take less than 2 minutes to complete, and the companies will assign anywhere from 1 to 10 at a time. The easier to fill out the report,  the lower the pay. But I have been paid as much as $12 for a 4 minute phone conversation. The report was pretty simple, too!


Other Tips

I live kind of in the middle of the country, so the 999 mile radius does encompass most of the country. But I also look at 90045 (Los Angeles) and 10108 (New York City) too, just to make sure I haven’t missed any shops. Try different zip codes for more options.




Here is what the your portal looks like (minus identifying information.) To find phone shops first click on “Open Opportunities”

The thing about Shopmetrics is that the default is your zip code. But most phone shops can be done from any zip code, no matter where the actual establishment is located. So the first thing you have to do is make sure the “State” and “Postal Code” section is clear. Or, click right above where “state” and “postal code” are located that says “he postal code and distance below are set according to your profile. Click here to reset and show all opportunities.”



Next, click on the “survey” drop down bar and browse what is available. Phone and web shops will be clearly named.


A couple of times a week I log into every mystery shop company I have an account with and see if they have any phone or web shops. I start with the companies I’ve done phone shops with before, since they are likely to have more. And I then I scour all the companies I am signed up with.  Sometimes it is luck. Sometimes there is a rotation you can figure out,  Most companies release their shops at the beginning of the month, but sometimes shoppers cancel and shops can pop up at any time. 

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    That’s a LOT of mystery shops!! I love mystery shopping, but have only done it a few times this year. One for a hair cut, and one for a meal. It’s very satisfying being able to be ‘covert’ and evaluate someone, but it takes a lot of concentration!

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