What to Do When Your Airbnb Guests are a No Show

We had a new experience as Airbnb Hosts this weekend. Our guest never checked in. He never showed up and he never called to say he wasn’t coming.



Mr. Beach Life runs our Airbnb. I will respond to messages when he is unable, and meet guests if I am the only one home, but he does most of the work. Once the reservation is confirmed, Mr. Beach Life sends them a message to let them know we’re looking forward to their visit and we send check in details closer to arrival.

Then the day before arrival, Mr. Beach Life sends a message stating that check in is at 2, and to come to our front door for the key. If we aren’t going to be around, the key will be in the mailbox.

So far, this has worked out fine. We either meet guests at the time of arrival, or they pick up the key from the mailbox and we go around back to meet them when we can.

Our latest guest was scheduled to arrive on Friday for a two night stay. Mr. Beach Life contacted him on Thursday evening, and we got a response Friday morning: Great! Looking forward to meeting you, thank you.

We never heard from him again.

He was driving from 6 hours away, so we expected that he may arrive late in the night. It was also a HUGE party weekend in our town, and our guest told us that was the reason he would be in town. So, it seemed likely that he may have arrived late in the evening, and then hit the bars before check in. We went to bed Friday and left the keys in the mailbox.



We messaged our guest at 8:30 Saturday morning when we woke up and saw he hadn’t checked in overnight. We didn’t hear back from him. Our worry about his safety increased as Saturday went on. We messaged him again at 7 that night telling him he needed to make contact with us before he attempted to check in, but that we assumed he had made other plans at this point.

It was at this point that we realized he would still be given an opportunity to review us even though he never checked in. I read on the Airbnb forums about this happening to other guests and it affecting their Super Host status. We would be penalized if we canceled the reservation. After reading the forums, we decided to contact Airbnb


How to Contact Airbnb

It is almost impossible to find contact information for Airbnb. It is frustrating and really inexcusable. Luckily, the internet is wonderful. Here is what I found:


Contact the Community Experts

Go to the Community Experts Page

At the bottom of the screen click on “my question is about something else” and then follow the guided steps. You can expect an answer within 5 minutes. If a Community Expert can’t help, they will route you to Airbnb.



Find @AirbnbHelp and follow them. Then, send a DM to the account. Include the reservation number of the no show guests, as it will speed up the resolution.

Call the Customer Experience Line

Airbnb REALLY doesn’t want you to use this number. It is for true emergencies-like you arrive to the Airbnb you paid for and it doesn’t exist, or it is inhabitable. Or the hosts are abusing you. Or the guests are abusing you.

United States and Canada +1-415-800-5959
+1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)


I was concerned that the Community Experts are not necessarily “Airbnb” even though you ask the question from Airbnb’s website. So, I bypassed this method of contact because I was skeptical.

I did send a DM on Twitter, however. About 15 minutes after sending the DM, someone reached out to us through our Airbnb Email and asked for permission to call. After 20 minutes later, we received a call from Spencer. Mr. Beach Life explained the situation and Spencer was great. Spencer said he would try to contact our guest and see what was up. He told us that if he couldn’t get a hold of him, he would cancel the reservation. Spencer said he could open the remaining days of the reservation up if we wanted, but we told him that was unnecessary. Our guest was on the last night of the stay and it was almost midnight already.

About an hour later, Spencer emailed again and told us that he could not reach our guest, and he canceled the reservation. We did learn that this was the first ever reservation our guest made, so maybe the issue is that he doesn’t understand how Airbnb works.



Monday evening we received a message from our guest. It turns out that he is newly sober, and after arriving in town Thursday night and hitting the bars with his old college friends he felt like he was in a bad situation and drove home. He turned his phone off and laid low for the weekend. I am happy to hear that he is safe-I had been checking the local newspaper for incidents and jail bookings.


Airbnb Hosts: Have you ever had a no call/no show guest?

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  1. Dividends Down Under

    I’m glad you managed to get it sorted out and that you found out he was safe in the end. It honestly didn’t occur to me that it would be such an issue to have ‘no shows’ with airbnb. Although we don’t plan to do any airbnb’ing ourselves, it does sound like they were extremely helpful once you reached out to them on Twitter.

    Mrs DDU

    • Jax-This post may contain affiliate links

      I think that they are trying to keep overhead down. I imagine that if there was clear contact info, the phones would be clogged with minor questions that can be easily answered by reading the help pages. It’s very frustrating as a host, though.

  2. Emily @ JohnJaneDoe

    Gosh, that seems a major hole in the system. It shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve situations like this. Hopefully, your post pointed out an easily fixable problem to make the service better for hosts.

    • Jax-This post may contain affiliate links

      I think it’s because of the sheer volume of users on the website that it is easier to make FAQ for the majority of the questions, instead of increasing overhead for someone to answer the phone for the same little question over and over. Still, it is frustrating as a host.

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