January Debt Update- -$27,534



October 1

January 1 February 1 Change from last month
Visa 1 $11,109 $9,739 $9,779 +$40
Amex 1,007 $2,810 $2,816 +$6
Mastercard $8,864 $8,475 $8,475 $0
Visa 2 $1,920 $1,645 $1,565 -$80
Chase $1,000 $725 $1,705 +$980
Visa 3 $3,014 $3,160 $1,374 -$1,786
Best Buy $1,154 $1,127 $1,820 +$693
Total: $28,068 $27,681 $27,534


I can not believe this. Honestly, I thought that I was going to owe way more than I did last month. I squeaked under! I actually paid off some of my debt! Woo Hoo!! (Don’t get me wrong, I think it is pretty pathetic that I have only paid off $500 since October, but I had no idea when I started this journey that I would be dropping almost $4k to get into a new house after my relationship ended.)




I withdrew money from my savings account and paid off the Chase card….and then started using it as my everyday spending card.  I am happy the original balance is gone, even if I have replaced it with a new, higher balance. This will be paid in full by the due date though, so still no interest.




Even though I threw a large chunk of change at  my Visa 3 card, it wasn’t enough to pay the balance off and avoid interest. I was charge $15.xx in interest which as far as interest goes isn’t terrible. But I hate, hate, hate interest and am working hard this month to avoid paying any more.


Justifications…or Excuses?


January was definitely a trial month. It was my first full month living in my new house and living by myself. I left a lot of things at Mr. Beach Life’s house that I needed to replace. Like a snow shovel. And a broom. And a mop and bucket. I also had the task of trying to insulate my badly insulated house. So I bought a bunch of curtains, window insulation and draft deflectors.


I also had to rebuild my pantry. That meant my grocery bill was higher than I like, even though I was mindful of my spending. I was lucky to get so many grocery mystery shops, but they didn’t always correspond to when I needed to buy things.


There are still a lot of things I need and want for the house.


More immediate needs

-baking sheets

-deep skillet



-more litter boxes


Less immediate needs

-a roomba


-a couch

-different coffee maker


The other thing that kept my balances high in January was buying products to sell on Amazon. I keep vaguely discussing this and I promise it is on the docket to write about, but for now all I am going to say is that I am seeing a return on my investment, though I still need to be mindful about what I am buying.


Looking Forward


If I pay $545/week to my cards, I will end the year with no credit card debt. This is very much a stretch goal, but one I am working towards! I don’t make $545/week with my W2 job, so I will have to get creative. It is a fun challenge, and I hate how much debt I have. I will consider it a huge win if I end the year with $5,000 or less on my credit cards.

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