November Debt Update- $-26,439

November Debt Repayment


Starting-October 1 November 1 December 1 Change from last month
Visa 1 $11,109 $9,824 $9,789 -$35
Amex 1,007 $2,016 $2,856 +$840
Mastercard $8,864 $8,733 $8,733 $0
Visa 2 $1,920 $1,896 $1,871 -$25
Chase $1,000 $1,000 $975 -$25
Visa 3 $3,014 $1,516 $580 -$936
Best Buy $1,154 $1,154 $1,635 +$481
Total: $28,068 $26,139 $26,439 +$300




It looks like I made no progress at all. I sent $1,883 to my credit cards last month, but I spent $982 on our Amazon FBA experiment. Also, I use the Amex as my everyday card. It will get paid in full on the due date, but November was an expensive month. More of my mystery shops required a purchase, plus Mr. Beach Life and I finally bit the bullet and bought Civ6.  (And now all I want to do-and all I do do, is play it.)

Happily, all of the credit cards are still on track to be paid off before their 0% promotional rates are up. We should see some of our Amazon money back this month, but we will probably also spend more to restock our store. I’ve decided to put my property taxes on my credit card, so that will increase my balances. The February 1st update should show significant progress, barring any disasters in December or January!


November Spending

I lowered our groceries from $250 to $235 because we decided to have Thanksgiving Dinner at an Indian Buffet. I added the $50 my godmother sent to the eating out budget. Even though we went over on eating out, we didn’t do too bad…Unless you consider how much of the miscellaneous budget was eating out or alcohol.

Miscellaneous spending also includes spending during Best Friend’s visit, a renovation expense to finish up our bathroom, recessed lights for our kitchen, and our computer games.

This month I really want to focus on our food costs and also the miscellaneous costs. Most of the miscellaneous we spent on last month are one offs, but I could have made better decisions with some. I think that with some planning the food costs will be reasonable and with some self control the miscellaneous costs can be curtailed.

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