November Extra Income- $3,557.89

Where things stand December 1:


November 1 December 1 Difference
Savings $6,054.13 $6,284.44 +$230.31


We’re 4.18% of the way to our ultimate goal of $150,000, 25.13% of the way to our first rental property down payment goal of $25,000.


Woo hoo! A quarter of the way to our first goal!


November Extra Income

$1,530 Rental property

$975.15- Airbnb

$620.02 – Mystery shopping

$200- Bank account bonus

$100 –Swagbucks gift cards

$50- gift from Godmother

$50- Target gift card from my aunt

$5.13- Dividends

$4.59- Interest on savings account

$1- Credit card cash back redemption

Total: $3,557.89


You will see no complaints from me!



Rental property: Right now, 1/3 goes towards property taxes, income taxes and insurance.  1/3 goes to my IRA. Ideally the last third will go to savings, but it’s going towards debt until the debt is gone.  

AirBnb: Not our busiest month for hosting, but definitely not terrible. We did have a $1600 booking for December, but a couple weeks later the guest canceled it. Oh well. December and January have historically been slow months for bookings, but we’re still hoping to get a few more stays booked. This money is earmarked for the mortgage and property taxes for our house, plus anything we need to buy to keep the space running (bedding, snacks, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Mystery shopping: Of the $642.02, $250.52 was reimbursements.  For that $250.52, Mr. BL and I got:

  • 9 grocery trips
  • 2 fast casual burgers
  • 2 pizza deliveries
  • Two fill ups for my gas tank
  • A set of towels for the Airbnb space
  • 2 take out meals from a fast casual restaurant
  • Some books (for a friend’s new baby) and a cup of coffee
  • A storage bin
  • A wine opener and some used books

The rest of the money was earned through phone and web shops! I really focused on phone shops in September and October, and it really shows. I go through phases with phone shops. Last month I did not do too many. This month I am gearing up to do a ton.

Bank Account Bonus: I got an invitation to open an account with a local-ish bank, and they offered a $200 bonus for setting up a direct deposit. A few days after my required direct deposit hit so did my bonus! Opening bank accounts for bonuses is such easy money, as long as it isn’t a hassle to change your direct deposit with your paycheck. I will keep this account open until mid-April, and then I will use the money in it to open a new account with a bonus. I still have $5/paycheck deposited into this account so it is growing just a smidge every month.

Swagbucks: I cashed in some of my Swagbucks for a $100 gift card for Sam’s Club. I want to quit Swagbucks but it’s so hard when it covers so much of our extras each month!

Gifts: For reasons unknown, my Godmother sent me “Thanksgiving” money and my aunt sent me (and Mr. Beach Life) a gift card to Target. Mr. Beach Life and I spent the Thanksgiving money at an Indian Buffet for Thanksgiving, and we will probably use the Target card for the kid and some wine.

Dividends & savings account interest: I only own shares in 3 different companies but hope to eventually increase my holdings. Right now everything gets reinvested. One day I hope to add more money to my dividend account, but paying down debt and saving for a down payment come first.

Credit Card Cash Back: I used the cash back points I’ve accumulated to lower the monthly balance.


Looking forward to December:

I need to take the dogs to the vet to get them up to date on shots so that we can get them a haircut. We’ve started bathing them at home (and they love it!) but we can’t groom them ourselves.

Christmas is around the corner but our buying is almost done. I’m not sure how we will spend the actual day. We’ve been invited to a couple of houses but we will have to bring the dogs and I’m not sure if our prospective hosts will be okay with that.

We will most likely be spending some money on Amazon stock. I will do a first week update this week, but obviously it’s going well if we’re planning on putting more money into this scheme.

Finally, I learned this weekend that a good friend from high school’s mom passed away a few days ago-just a month after his first child was born. I plan on getting him and his wife a gift card to a food delivery service since they live far away and I can’t cook for them myself. I am heartbroken and I wish there was more I could do for him. His mom was so good to me in highschool and I have such fond memories of her. She was a wonderful woman and left the best legacy possible in the kind and generous children she raised.

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  1. CanadianPassiveIncome

    Wow fantastic income and a buch of different passive income sources. Thats awesome. Keep it up!

  2. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    I love the amount of extra side income you’re getting! I need to get my feet wet in the rental game, I swear. This month has been craaaazy for my extra income through freelance writing. It’s almost getting to where I need to turn clients away!

    • Jax-This post may contain affiliate links

      You’re such a freelancing badass! I would have no idea how to begin slash have no talent anyone would pay me for 😉

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