Spending Diary Week 2: My Life Revolves Around Food


My best friend visited! She came to my state for a work meeting for Monday morning, but came in on Saturday so we could hang out. I last saw her two years ago when she got married (so no real quality time, obviously) and then the year before that when she visited my town.

Unfortunately, she did not come into my town this time around. But that’s okay because we got to hang out in the “big city”! (It’s not that big and it just barely qualifies as a city.)

I am not going to lie, it was a pricey weekend. And Best Friend even picked up the whole tab a couple of times. I wish I was in a better position to treat her and that makes me sad that I’m not. Anyway, I only ordered what I knew I could afford so it’s not like I was trying to take advantage of her. Also, also she is a Senior Vice President so she wouldn’t have offered to pay if she couldn’t afford it.

Saturday we had drinks at a local brewery, then had dinner at a chain brewery, then had drinks at a local bar. We were going to see a comedy show but I was exhausted and didn’t want to spend the money for a man I had never heard of before with only 2 IMDB credits of awful movies from the early’90s. Luckily, Best Friend was fine with the change of plans.


I spent the night at Best Friend’s hotel and guess what! More spending on Sunday!

We had a delicious breakfast that filled me up until late afternoon, so that was wonderful. We also waded through two rain storms to see a couple of museums.

After mimosas at a wine bar, it was time for me to start thinking about heading home. We walked back (in the rain) to the hotel, hung out for a bit longer and then I left! In the rain! With thunder! And unlit highways! Under construction! It was not my favorite drive to make but I made it home safely.

Total Weekend Spending: $92.98





After a weekend with Best Friend, it was difficult to get back into real life.

Spent $32.81 on groceries, but it was a mystery shop so I will be reimbursed $14.



Several mystery shops fell into my lap. I completed three on Tuesday for a total of $50. Not a bad day’s mystery shop work.

Dinner is our Achilles Heel. I love eating, and I don’t mind cooking, but cooking dinner after working is difficult day after day. Mr. Beach Life has taken on the majority of the cooking since our renovation is almost completely done, and I couldn’t be happier! He made a delicious one pot lime chicken and rice dish that I never wanted to quit eating. And, it made plenty of leftovers!

We did have to buy a few things to make the dinner and I bought a bottle of wine.  

Total spending: $35.32

Reimbursable: $29.81


I had another grocery mystery shop on Wednesday. Mr. Beach Life came along. I spent waaaay more than I will be reimbursed, but Mr. BL got some snacky type things he likes that I don’t ever buy because I don’t know what he wants. And we loaded up on staples too.

Spent $54.22

Reimbursable: $8



I booked another grocery mystery shop!

This weekend will be insane. I have 6 grocery mystery shops, plus two other retail ones. Three of my shops are in the next town over, 30 minutes away. I have the shops split 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, but between shopping and writing the reports, in addition to everything else I want to get done, it will be a rough weekend. I will be happy when this debt is gone so I can scale back a bit on mystery shopping!

I spent $3.44 at the store for 3 potatoes and chicken stock that I forgot to buy the day before. Mr. Beach Life made us another delicious dinner-chorizo vegetable “stew” (it was more of a sauce than a liquid.)


And here’s the spending:

Spending this month is already out of control due to Mr. Beach Life’s step-dad visiting and my best friend’s visit. I am hoping for a calm rest of the month, but our Thanksgiving plans are still up in the air.

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