Spending Diary Week Two: so many mystery shops


I was asked to perform a high paying, relatively easy mystery shop earlier in the week so I jumped at it. Unfortunately, it was 1.5 hours away. Fortunately, I was given distance pay to make up for the drive. I decided that while I was so far away, I’d do a few other shops to help make the drive worth it.


-$15 of it is covered by the mystery shop.


-$45 reimbursed by mystery shops

$12.28 Fast Casual meal

-All will be reimbursed

$33.91- Take out restaurant meal

-all will be reimbursed

$1.49- McD’s coffee while on the road.

$66.34-Petco repeat delivery I forgot to cancel

It was a grueling day of mystery shopping, then I spent the night writing reports. Even though the fees I made was roughly the amount I make in a day at my job (before anything is withheld) I don’t know if it was worth it. Though, between the 3 grocery shops and the take out I was set for all my meals for the week.

The Petco order was a complete failure on my part. It arrived yesterday and I am keeping one bag of dog food but returning the rest. Little Bit isn’t eating the wet food right now since I found a dry food soft enough for him. Plus, I still have several cans from earlier in case he needs it later. I am putting the full amount spent though since it’s been charged to my card.


Total: 196.43

Reimbursable: 106.19



$29.64-Cell phone

$16.54-Fast casual meal

-mystery shop will reimburse all of it


-mystery shop will reimburse $14.00

$7.27-Window insulation


I miscalculated on my grocery shop, thinking I had bought all five items in the buy 5 save $5, but I only bought 4. Womp, womp. I got a good deal on the 4 I did purchase, so I let it go.

Mr. Beach Life and I went shopping for new curtains for his house and that took up a better part of the day. I found it hilarious that he chose the same curtains I chose for my house.


Total: $75.93

Reimbursable: 36.48



$148.44- Electric bill

$40- 1 month of yoga


My friend invited me to a yoga class and I said yes because I am trying to be more social and because I want to learn yoga and work on my body more this year. I was going to buy a membership to the city recreation center, but just hadn’t found the time to go in to do it. Then I thought, if I don’t have the time to buy the membership, what makes me think I’ll go to the classes? The memberships cost $40/month at the city rec, so I just decided to try this yoga studio for a month. I am determined to not only get my money’s worth, but get my body’s worth, too! So far I am loving it! I’ve been to two classes and have two more scheduled.


Total: $184.44



No Spend!

We had a bout of nice weather and I spent a lot of time walking the dogs. Sonny love love loves the walks. Little Bit not so much. I end up taking them both on walks when I get home and before bed, but then take Sonny on a longer walk in the middle of the evening since he loves it so much. I wish I could figure out what Little Bit loves so I can do something special for him, too.




$93.37-Amazon FBA stuff.

Mystery shopping is really overwhelming me right now. Because I owe so much I feel like I can’t turn any opportunity down, but on the other hand how busy I am is doubling my anxiety. I need to write an update, but FBA is working out pretty good. At the very least it is something I can do on my own schedule, instead of someone else’s.

I debated whether to continue since it does require an outlay of funds, but I am going to take a chance. I’ll take it on a month to month basis. If I’m not selling anything and I get deeper and deeper into the hole, then I will stop and reassess. I’m not going to go crazy buying inventory, but I have a couple of niches that I know work for me so if I find good deals then I will grab them.

Total: $93.37



$84.49-Amazon FBA inventory

I used a $25 gift card I earned from an earlier FBA inventory order and then chose the instore pickup to save $4. Since I aim to make a profit of $5 or more, every dollar I save helps!


Total: $84.49


Weekly Spending Total: $634.66

Reimbursable: $142.67

No Spend Days: 1


Even though I had so many grocery mystery shops and made some wise purchases, I am running over my budget and need to get more creative. It might have been a bad month to try for a $100 out of pocket grocery budget since there are so many staples I need to buy since I am starting over in my new house. I did buy 5 dozen eggs so that I can make egg sandwiches to keep in the freezer, in addition to my every day egg eating. I’m going to have to start getting creative.


I am burning out on mystery shopping. I know I can’t give it up completely, but I hope that selling on Amazon can make up for cutting back-or even exceed it!


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      Little Bit is a 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has spent all of his life until July sleeping on my granny’s lap. He doesn’t know how to dog. He is beginning to like belly rubs and in decent weather (warmer temperatures-he’s only 13 pounds- no rain) he tolerates walks and sometimes even smells things. But so far the only thing I can tell he likes is cooked chicken, cheese and cuddling with me.

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