Spending Diary Week Two: Where I Spent $3.19 on a Half Gallon of Chocolate Milk

December 1- $56.38


I broke my No Spend Day pretty early in the morning when I bought Mrs. Picky Pincher’s cookbook! It was money well spent. I love reading about her meals each week and I love that so many of these meals make great freezer or make ahead meals.

We also went out to a casual steakhouse for a mystery shop. The reimbursement didn’t cover the full cost of the meal, but it made a good dent in it.

Reimbursable: $35


December 2- $74.44

I felt pretty down all day after learning that a friend’s mom had died. This friend had just had a new baby, too. I have been putting together a gift for the baby (bought board books during a mystery shop) and wanted to include something for the parents. I bought a package of Starbucks gift cards from Sam’s Club, in addition to two boxes of food for the puppers. I used the rest of the gift card I redeemed from Swagbucks last month, so my total was only $17.82.

Mr. Beach Life and I went out to lunch because I am weak and didn’t say no. Yeesh, I really need to get a handle on eating out.

Mr. Beach Life’s work had their holiday party at the children’s museum. It was a lot of fun! I used to work there and my best friend still works there. She was in charge of taking pictures and took a million pictures of me with my former co-workers. I told her “all the pictures can’t be of me!” and she said “They need to know what a mistake they made!”


December 3rd- $59.52

We didn’t feel like cooking again, so we went back to Sam’s Club for some premade meals. We bought pulled pork, but it was more like hot ham. It was good, but not pulled pork. We also bought oatmeal and some individual oatmeals for the Airbnb space.


December 4

No spend day!


December 5- 49.65

We bought a box of wine, ingredients for dinner and some perishables we needed.


December 6

No spend day!


I went to Urgent Care after work and found out I have bronchitis. No out of pocket at the time, but I am sure they will send me a huge bill in the coming weeks. Luckily, I have an HSA with a lot of money in it, and my employer will be putting $1,600 in it next month.


December 7- $1,832.69

I filled my prescriptions for the bronk-uh-tis (bronchitis) and it came to $50ish, which seemed pretty high to me. But I paid for it from my HSA so I don’t include it in regular spending.

As soon as I walked out of CVS a homeless man stopped me. He said excuse me, then looked at me and said “hey, I know you!” and I smiled and said “Yes.” Because he does know me. From when I did the library service at the jail and also from the public library. He said “I’m really sorry, but is there any way you can buy me some chocolate milk? That’s all I want is chocolate milk.”

I looked at him and said okay and asked what kind and size. He wanted a big one, so I went back inside, found the last half gallon of chocolate milk bought it and then handed it to him. He was so surprised. He said “I can’t believe you really bought it!” Then he said something I didn’t catch but might have told me I was beautiful (what can I say, I am-I keed, I keed.) I started to walk away and he called to me “ma’am!” and gave me a sincere thank you.

Mr. Beach Life was in the car and saw what happened. I filled him in on what was said and he goes “you know he’s just going to put the vodka his friend’s bought in it.” and I said “well, at least he’ll be getting calories and calcium.” Mr. Beach Life told me he was kidding, but that he had bought food for him before, too. A few months ago he stopped Mr. BL and said “I’m really hungry. Is there any way you could buy me and my friends a pizza.”  So, Mr. BL did.

I was probably scammed, but I actually don’t care. There was no way I could turn down a hungry person in front of me when I had the means to do something about it.

I paid my car registration for the next year ($58.35) AND I paid the first installment of my property tax on my credit card ($1788.45) The good news is that some of the additional taxes I “owed” have been removed, but I am still trying to get this year’s amount down to something more reasonable.


There you have it, a whopping $2,072.67!


Good news-spending won’t be this high every week!

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