An Unintentional Blogging Break

Hello Friends! (Can I still call you all friends even though I totally ghosted you these past couple of months?)


I have taken an unexpected hiatus from blogging. It started with Granny passing away leading to us getting the dogs and spending a ton of money on a new fence and vet bills. That led me to go into overdrive mystery shopping, filling out anywhere from 2-10 reports a day (on top of my regular job.) I definitely have burned myself out. Then, I had a health situation. I AM AND WILL BE OKAY. But it took a lot out of me emotionally and physically. I am getting back into the swing of things and so badly want to start blogging again regularly. I am visiting my family in California next week and I am hoping to use some of that time to start playing catch up.


Here’s some posts I’ve outlined in my head and can’t wait to share with you all:


-August Extra Income Report-look for that next week, for sure

-Surprise! I owe a ton of money (Yup-I am going to come totally clean with how much money I put on my credit cards for the reno and the dogs. It’s a doozy but there is a plan in place)

-How to find mystery shops you can do at home- Since I have a ton of debt now, I’ve been looking to increase my mystery shopping earnings. One way to do that without spending any more money is to find web and phone shops.

-That time we had a beer with our Airbnb Guests. That was…an experience. They may make a shitton more money than us, but we are far happier and have way more freedom.

-A review of a cool, fun, free, web based game that I think PF nerds will have fun playing

-Our renovation! Boy oh boy has our quick-6-went-turned-9-plus-month reno been fun! It’s is sooooo close to being done I can taste it! And I can’t wait to share the outcome with you all!

-Getting rid of all my worldy possessions- or more precisely, getting rid of all my mom’s worldly possessions with a few of my dad’s, my dad’s 1st wife’s, my grandmother’s second husband’s and god knows who else’s possessions that have been living rent free in my basement.

-My birthday! I turned 32 in August and Mr. Beach Life gave me the greatest birthday of my adult life! It’s not necessarily personal finance related, but it was SO MUCH FUN (and pretty frugal) and I want to share!


All that and more to come in the next couple weeks. Don’t be a stranger around here and I promise to show my face more!

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    • Jax-This post may contain affiliate links

      Thanks for stopping by! I have a love hate relationship with mystery shopping. It can be time consuming, but I love getting checks/deposits several times a month! I’ve written about mystery shopping here and here if you want to read more about my experience!

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