Where Has All the Time Gone?

Where have I been? And how is a new week already? Frankly, I don’t have much of an answer to either.

I have about a half dozen posts half written. I start and then get stuck and move on to something else.

I wake up (too late), take the dogs for a walk, feed them, take them for another walk and then walk to work. I am trying to be really present at work and you know, actually work through the day. That is actually working out well. Okay, I still have a lot of room for improvement,  but I am actively working on better habits.

Then I walk home, take the dogs for a walk, go to yoga, eat dinner, take the dogs for another walk and then it’s time to go to bed. And by time to go to bed I mean I am so drained from the day that I put on ER and sink into bed with my 3 animals and drift to sleep.


I thought I would  have more time when I lived alone.

I imagined I would come home, have a quick dinner, walk the dogs, go to yoga and then have a couple hours to myself to read and write. This scenario is still realistic, but I have to cut out all mindless things I do.

I have started declining things that cause me anxiety but don’t improve my life in any significant way. Like, $4 phone mystery shops. I don’t have the time right now to worry about $4. The $4 is certainly helpful given how much I owe, but my mental health is worth more than $4 to me.  I get anxious before going to yoga each class, but I still go. The calmness and not crunched-up-ness (technical term) I feel afterwards more than cancels the anxiety I feel about going beforehand.

I am still in the process of putting the house together and it is still overwhelming. I need to remind myself that not everything has to be done RIGHT NOW,but if I work 15-20 minutes at a time I can start to see improvement.

Spending two weekends ago (I am running behind on posting) was out of control, but I can’t say that all of it was unnecessary. Because I spent so much that weekend I was determined to have a no spend week and I did pretty good. I knew I had to buy cat food and a roll of paper towels (elderly dog doesn’t always let me know he has to pee in time for me to get him outside.) And I decided that I wasn’t going to count spending for Amazon FBA if I found a good deal, as long as I didn’t go nutzo. I did buy a side of fries at work which was delicious and wholly unnecessary. And some cat toys that are kind of unnecessary but I feel bad that all of Bones’ toys got left for Bourbon at the old house.


On to the spending


Friday 1/12

$1.49- Donut while working.

$63.37- Products for Amazon FBA

$38.04- Groceries and beer with Mr. Beach Life. We had originally split the order but his card wasn’t working. Turns out he needed to use the new card they sent him months ago and he forgot about.



$63.37- Another order of the same products for Amazon FBA

$96- Bath and groom for both the dogs

$8.50- Vent deflectors

$17.94- Window insulation kit

$87.69- Mostly products for FBA, but also a litter scooper.

$25.30- filled up my tank

$20.71- Aldi for some necessities for the week



$243.45- Amazon FBA products

$118.56- Things to winterize my house with, a snow shovel and some cat toys.



$74.33- ATT for internet bill



No Spend!



$20.49- Hulu. I am upset about this.  I pay for Hulu through Swagbucks, but this month I forgot to redeem a gift card in time for the payment. Ugh.

$27.35- Mystery shop job, completely reimbursed.

$7.67: One roll of paper towels, 14 cans of cat food.

$200- Insurance payment (homeowner’s, renter’s, car and fire)



No spend!



$1.89- french fries.


Total Spending: $1,116.15

Amazon FBA Spending: $457.88

Reimbursed: $27.35

Monthly Bills: $274.33

No spend days: Two!


I am hoping to go the rest of the month without anymore unanticipated spending. Truthfully, I would be very happy if the only spending I did for the rest of the month was for mystery shops. My Amazon spending isn’t nutzo yet, but I have got to get the things I bought to the warehouse so that I can start making that money back.

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  1. mrspickypincher

    You know, I have similar issues with finding time / energy. Honestly, some weeks it’s hard to feel motivated. Just muddle through and keep fighting the good fight. 🙂 I’ve started waking up an hour earlier to work just on writing and it’s been helpful (when I remember to get up on time, that is).

  2. Abigail @ipickuppennies

    It’s amazing how time slips away, isn’t it? Though I find I have far more downtime when Tim isn’t around. I think it has something to do with less noise (TV) and just no one I stop to chat with. Granted, I’m not always more productive during that time. But I have the option to be, which is nice. Now that he goes to the dog park every day I try to use that time to run the Roomba, decompress and, depending how long he’s out, work out so that only one of us has to hear the insipid instructor’s voice.

    Also, good for you for drawing the line inre: what your time is worth. A $4 phone shop is more trouble than it’s worth unless the questionnaire is very, very simple and you’re literally going to pass by the shop to do other things.

    Oh and “crunched-up-ness” is totally a technical term. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  3. Lucy

    I am also an FBA seller. Just curious, do you keep your business separate from your personal spending? I have business account, so even while I’m technically spending, I don’t view it in a different way.

  4. Lee

    First I want to say I love your entire blog. I always feel good or motivated after reading your post. Second I know how you feel about anxiety, I get pretty anxious sometimes too. Shamefully I to have some half written blog post on paper and on saved word files on my PC. I guess a new goal I could try is to write a little bit everyday and just see where it goes.

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